The new concept of tennis and squash strings ... maximum comfort with the best control


Double AR has developed a wide range of squash and tennis products to satisfy all tastes of players (from attacking players to defending ones).

The products (both for tennis and squash) are divisible in two big families: polyester and nylon made. The natural features of this two raw materials (durability and tension keeping for polyester; power and feeling for nylon) are reinforced, modified and implemented by special chemical treatments applied to the crude filament during the processing stage. All the prototypes have been tested for almost an year by a large number of Italian tennis and squash professional players. Their feedback has allowed Double AR to improve its products and reach the final range that is now ready to be presented to the worldwide market.

Peculiar Double AR features

We are pleased to inform you that Double AR breaks into the market with its product range presented in a new and unseen format. Thinking at the rough economic crisis which is affecting the Western Countries and markets we decided to sell our products in five different formats:

  • Traditional single sets (only for tennis)
  • 60m rolls (50m for squash)
  • 120m rolls (110m for squash)
  • 200m rolls (both for tennis and squash)
  • 400m rolls (both for tennis and squash)

With an increasing saving for final customers despite buying the single set. We remark that Double AR has an Italian direct and complete production. So the Company is flexible to valuate specific product customization for local Partners with determined minimum quantities.


redarrow tennis stringDoubleAR enriches sampling with RED ARROW, the tennis string of outstanding precision dedicated to the agonist and the experienced player.

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