The new concept of tennis and squash strings ... maximum comfort with the best control

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Bi-color technology: which allows to produce a unique filament with alternating colors without afflicting the yarn properties. Actually applied on squash strings, it can be applied even on all Thermonyl tennis models.

Twice tech: ultimate aesthetic release at Double AR. It's a patented and unique system able to apply to the monofilament two colors in longitudinal section. The result is a "two face" string with an amazing effect on the string pattern.

Anti wave system: Double AR is focused in guaranteeing to its customers the maximum comfort preserving their arms from negative vibrations. For this reason the Chemical dept. has developed this innovative anti wave system which is applied on the entire Double AR product range. We have changed the molecular structure of our monofilaments from a traditional "in line" one into a new "in wave" one.
Onda sinusoidale

This new molecular disposition is able to counteract the negative vibrations transmitted to the player's arm from the ball impact on the racket. In this way the player is able to benefit of a significant vibrations reduction without sacrificing performance.

Thermonyl: it's an Italian nylon yarn which receives 6 different thermic treatments in order to increase the natural features of the raw material. Thermonyl is more elastic, more comfortable, more powerful than a normal nylon yarn. Even the durability is increased by the thermic treatments. All Thermonyl strings are equipped with the anti wave system.

Polytech: it's an Italian polyester yarn which is deeply modified by a series of chemical and thermic treatments. The high tenacity treatment gives to the yarn an increased elasticity combined with an extreme long durability. Increased tension keeping compared with standard polyester monofilaments. All Polytech strings are equipped with the anti wave system.

Star treatment: chemical process which confers to the crude Polytech filament more control and durability than a standard one. Specifically designed for athletes which require extreme performance during the game despite the typical comfort of Double AR standard models.

Special poly: latest technical material used by Double AR. It's an Italian high quality co-polyester with olefins which is deeply modified by a series of chemical and thermic treatments. Currently used in Diablo and Twice series , the Special poly represents the ultimate evolution of polyester-based strings. Extreme reactivity and power are the key features of these new products.



redarrow tennis stringDoubleAR enriches sampling with RED ARROW, the tennis string of outstanding precision dedicated to the agonist and the experienced player.

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